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Faroe Islands Photo Tour 17-24 Feb 2019


The Faroe Islands are Europe’s best kept secret. Located halfway between Scotland and Iceland, the archipelago consists of 18 islands, of which all but one are inhabited. The unique beauty of the Faroes is owed to their volcanic origin, providing breathtaking views that stretch out into the horizon in every direction.

Staggering, sheer cliff faces tower from the atlantic ocean on all sides of the islands, and rock formations, mixed with natural erosion produce some of the best sea stacks you can find anywhere on earth. From the needle-like ‘witches finger’ of Trollkonufingur, to the razor-sharp edges and iconic arch of Drangarnir, the coastlines are a gold mine for photographers. Due to the short travel commutes across the islands we are able to visit many locations for sunrise and sunset hours, making the most of the weather as and when it co-operates. This leaves plenty of time in between the golden hours for exploration and experimentation in-land.

The weather is well-known for its unpredictability in the Faroes, as quickly as it comes, it goes. This is ideal for shooting as we can revisit favourite locations and get vastly different results. We’ll see for ourselves that often the inclement weather makes for even more dramatic photos than clear skies. This also means that our daily itineraries are largely dictated by the weather on the islands, out in the Atlantic with little other land to dampen storms or blizzards the Faroes are truly out in the sticks.

However, we aim to visit the seven largest islands during our stay, with the most picturesque locations you can find in the northern hemisphere. At night we will be keeping our eyes peeled for clear skies and the northern lights. The aurora can stretch out in mind-blowing greens and pinks, dancing and shifting through the night-time sky. During our aurora hunt we’ll also be conducting some astrophotography and practising some simple stargazing techniques to make our shots shine. There’s also opportunity to create astro timelapses and even star trail photographs. Many of our shooting locations will require a hike, some short and others a little longer. While we will do everything to scale the shoots for each attendee’s fitness levels, longer hikes should be expected for the most dramatic shooting spots. Some shooting locations are driveable or walkable, so if some attendees would prefer, they may ramble across the land to our next shooting spot, gathering photos along the way, while the rest of the group travel in the provided transport and exploring other easier to reach spots on the journey.

£3299.00 PP - £300 deposit PP
Approx $4511 / €3968



Breakfast at hotel

Transfers from the recommended flights

Transport via car around the islands whilst in the Faroes


Not included//

Meals not mentioned

Extra travel around islands (i.e. via helicopter)

All flights


Course requirements//

• DSLR or Mirrorless camera

• Lens(es) for landscape photography

• Memory card(s)

• Spare Battery

• Tripod

• ND +/ ND Grad Filters

• Remote release

Other essentials//

Warm and wet weather clothing

Appropriate walking shoes (waterproof)

Knowledge of//

Understanding of shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Activity/Fitness level//

High Level

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